Main Technical parameters

Engine Power KW 26.5/2350 Main machine size mm 1295x960x1100 -(with supporting structure)

1180x470x970(without supporting structure)

Max Thrust force KN 70 Power station size mm 2010x950x1100
Max Pullback force KN 50 Weight T 1.4
Max Torque N.M 1300 Diameter of drilling rod mm φ50
Max Rotary speed Rpm 100 Length of drilling rod m 0.5
Max Moving speed of power head m/min 20 Max diameter of pullback pipe mm φ150~φ300
Max Mud pump flow L/min 40 Max construction length m  ~100
Max Mud pressure Mpa 3±0.5 Incidence Angle ° 0~10

Configuration of Main Parts

Name Manufacture Standard Quantity
Engine LaiDong (China) 26.5KW 1
Pump NACHI (Japan) PVD 1
Valve WOLVOIL (Italy) SD5 2
Main hydro cylinder YongJian (China) 1
Rotary Motor Eaton (USA) 2K 1
Mud Pump Rick (China) 40L/min 1