Product Overview

DL200A rig using four-pump hydraulic system so that the machine has a higher efficiency, power allocation more reasonable, powerful air - cooled system, but also can be a long and reliable operation even in hot areas, compact outer - shaped structure and excellent climbing ability to make transitions and transportation equipment more convenient, high - speed operation of the system, using multi gear stepless speed regulation function, greatly improving the work efficiency.

Main Technical parameters

Engine Power KW 110/2200 Main machine size MM 6137x2165x2255
Max.Thurst force KN 200 wight T 7
Max.Pullback Force KN 200 Diameter of drill rod mm Φ60
Max.Torque N.m 6000 Length of drill rod m 3
Max.Rotary Speed rpm 180 Max diameter of pull back pipe mm Φ150- Φ700
Max.Moving Speed of Power Head m/min 30 Max construction length m ~300
Max.Mud Pump Flow L/min 240 Incidence angle  . 10~22
Max.Mud Pressure Mpa 7±0.5 Climbing angle  . 14

Technical Features

1. This rig as a whole machine structure, the vehicle is equipped with mud pump system.

2. Cummnins Engine, Power 110Kw.

3. Hydraulic system and circuit design, stable and reliable, reasonable power distribution.

4. Power head two-speed system, to facilitate loading and unloading drill rods and improve efficiency.

5. With multiple stalls speed control function, greatly improving the work efficiency.

6. Sliding rack and pinion system, a simple structure.

7. Rubber crawler, good strength, easy installation and maintenance.

8. Air cooling system.

9. A world-class brand filters to ensure stable and reliable system, equipment operation and long life.

Configuration of Main Parts

Name  Manufacture standard standard
Engine CUMMINS (China) 110KW
Valve Lite(China)  
Hyraulic Motor Eaton(USA) 6K
Filter PALL (USA) HHT15
Mud Pump Heng Yang (China) BW-240