Product Overview

DL450B- RK1 push-pull structure adopts the new “multisage double bar cylinder direct drive system”, the construction technology of adopting new technology- double – wall drill pipe. This machine is specifically designed by Dilong for rock crossing.

This HDD machine abandoned the traditional mud motor with mud construction method, adopting direct drive drill bits with internal drill pipe, greatly improving the construction efficiency and greatly reduce the cost. New push-pull system combined with the new technology of double- wall drill pipe will be the best choice for the user.

Main Technical parameters

Engine KW 179 / 2200 Dimension (L*W*H) MM 7350*2220*2485
Max.Thurst force KN 450 Weight T 12
Max.Pullback Force KN 450 Diameter of  outer drill pipe mm Φ89
Max.Torque of outer drill pipe N.m 16000 Diameter of  inner drill pipe mm Φ50
Max.rotation speed of inner drill pipe rpm 150 Length of drill rod m 3
Torque of inner drill pipe N.M 2500 Max Diameter of  pull back
mm Φ150- Φ1000 (soil layer)
Φ300- Φ600 (rock)
Max.rotation speed of Outer drill pipe rmp 125 Max pull back
pipe length
m ~600
The travelling speed of power head m/min 36 Incidence angle  . 10~22
Max.Mud Pump Flow L/min 450 Climbing angle  . 12
Max.Mud Pressure Mpa 8±0.5

Double -Wall Drill Pipe Technology Advantage

1. The single power head, simple mechanical structure

2. Power head use hydraulic servo, convenient loading and unloading drill rod, easy to operate.

3. The internal drill pipe use splice joint, can be inserted or pulled out directly, workers only need to operating hydraulic clamp loading and unloading drill rod, save time and effort.

4. Due to mechanical and hydraulic pressure system is relatively simple; cost of the machine production or modification is very low.

5. Fast drilling speed, high production efficiency. In 60 mpa hardness of rock drilling speed is 9-10 meters per hour; the traditional process schedule is about 4 meters.

6. Small dosage of mud. Traditional crafts mud dosage for 1-1.5 cube / min, this machine is about 0.3-0.4 Cube /min.

7. Better adjustability for pilot angle, 3-4 / Meter