Product Overview

With the use of closed loop of the main rotation hydraulic system, DL80 crawler integrated horizontal directional driling machine has better working efficiency, and it has 47.3kw engine. Its forced air cooling system enables it to work reliably for a long time.

Additionally, its impact structure and sound climbing capacity can make transfer and transportation of the equipment more convenient. High-sped operation system has multi-shift stepless speed regulation function, significantly increasing the operation efficiency

Main Technical parameters

Engine KW 47.3/2200 Dimension(l*w*h) mm 4000x1597x2220
Max.Thurst Force KN 80 Weight T About 4.2
Max.Pullback Force KN 80 Diameter of drill rod mm Φ42
Max.Torque N.m 2200 Length of Drill Rod m 1.5
Max.Rotary Speed rpm 190 Max Diameter of Pull Back mm Φ200
Max. Moving Speed of Power Head m/min 33 Max Pullback Pipe Lenght m ~80
Max. Mud Pump Flow L/min 40 Incidence Angle - 8~20
Max. Mud Pressure Mpa 3.5±0.5 Climbing Angle  . 14

Technical Features

1. The Drill is of integrated crawler structure and is easy for transfer works

2. Yanmar engine is selected and its total power reaches 47.3kw.

3. Kawasaki constant-power control system is employed for hydraulic system.

4. Hydraulic pilot control system enables high reliability.

5. Multi-shift sped regulating function is available, greatly increasing the operation efficiency

6. Pull-push system is of gear and rack system and motor is of gerotor motor. The system is designed as three -level conditions.

7. Covering rubber crawler with steel sheet enables good strength, easy and convenient installation and repair.

8. Air cooling system is fitted.

9. The holder is of mechanically aligning type, meeting different work requirement under different conditions.

10. Line control travel, safely and reliably

Configuration of Main Parts

1. Yanmar engine is selected and its total power reaches 47.3kw

2. The main pump for rotation and pull-push is of kawasaki SP36 Constant -power piston pump

3. The motor for rotation and pull -push is of Eton 2K and 6K series.

4. The main valve is of Kawasaki and wolf valve etc.

5. Reliable design of hydraulic system and circuit reduces fault rate.

6. The runner crawler is covered with steel sheet.

7. Air cooling system is fitted

8. Hydraulic proportional directional valve.

9. DOOSAN crawler motor TMV09 is employed